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Merge with RPS

RPS is a thriving company rich with opportunities for merger partners to accelerate their growth. We partner with client-centric business owners who have an entrepreneurial spirit to deliver tools, markets, expertise and support to overcome the challenges they face in growing their business and developing their employees.

Together, we can form a partnership that prospers.

Matt Hazelett
Vice President – Merger & Acquisitions, RPS
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M&A Outlook: A Buyer’s Perspective in Uncertain Times.

Over the last decade, consolidation activity reached new records seemingly every year and appeared set to continue unabated until the COVID-19 pandemic brought deal activity to a virtual standstill for several weeks this spring.

While the insurance distribution M&A landscape continues to evolve in the wake of the pandemic, certain trends have emerged that we expect to continue.

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Our Brand Promise

We believe that every risk deserves the most secure placement.

At RPS, we always deliver on our brand promise: we help independent agents and brokers come through for their clients.

When it comes to finding trusted markets for unprecedented business ventures, we say “bring it on.” We’re not afraid to take on what others can’t or won’t. We specialize in placing risk with trusted markets, squared away and under control. In other words, if they can dream it up, we can place it. It’s what has helped us earn a top five ranking in every insurance industry category and are consistently ranked as the largest MGA/Lloyd’s coverholder in the country.



  • One of the most active acquirers in our sector
  • History of growing and maintaining merger teams with long length of tenure


  • Conservative balance sheet
  • Committed to the insurance business long-term; no need for periodic ownership changes


  • Honest and transparent throughout the process
  • Effectively manage integration with minimal disruption to employees and clients


  • Ongoing investment in technology, automation, innovation and products
  • Service Center capabilities provide producers with administrative relief


  • Leadership and sales training programs to maximize employee potential
  • Career advancement opportunities for merger partners and their employees


  • Entrepreneurial and collaborative culture focused on long-term success
  • Publicly-traded parent company, but retain the best aspects of a family run business


  • Full suite of marketing resources to generate, support and win the sale
  • Online quote-bind-issue platforms to streamline the sales process


  • Increased access to specialized carriers and dedicated Market Relations leadership
  • Access to additional product solutions including exclusive, proprietary products



"There are so many opportunities for growth in this company but you have to be willing to accept challenges and stretch beyond your comfort zone."

Laura Allen
2001 Merger Partner

"RPS has been wonderful for my career. RPS leadership develops employees through countless education and training courses resulting in a more knowledgeable and engaged workforce. The opportunities are truly endless for talented people to continue to grow."

Matt Lynch
2007 Merger Partner

"Merging with RPS has created numerous growth opportunities. Our small operation was able to expand to a national platform enabling us to create new sources of revenue that we were not able to be obtain without the merger. Collaborating with the talented professionals throughout the organization has made this a rewarding career."

Erin Gallagher
2012 Merger Partner