RPS Mission: Possible

Discipline. Organization. Risk awareness. Leadership. The same hard-earned skills you learned serving our country will make you successful in the insurance industry. And RPS is the perfect place to start. We're the leading partner for independent wholesale insurance agents and brokers. We want people who are driven and hard workers to join our business development team. People with a military background. People just like you.

As one of the top five wholesale brokers in the U.S., RPS delivers access to the best markets and coverage. We're an organization of the bold. Professionals in the business of making the impossible, possible. With focus and intelligence, we provide niche knowledge and comprehensive consulting. With commitment and trust, we develop innovative programs and deliver service. Over 25 years, our culture and grit has grown RPS from a four-person operation to 3,000 employees and counting. Will you join us?

You Already Have the Skills

The transition from getting up 5 a.m. to take a hill to working in the excess and surplus insurance industry is easier than you might think. Your military service makes you uniquely qualified for a successful career in business development at RPS. If you have these qualities, a career at RPS may be for you:

You're used to working under tight deadlines in stressful situations. Being able to keep your cool and deliver sets you apart.
RPS is seeking dependable and trustworthy employees. Coming from the military, your ethics are unquestionable.
RPS business development team members are leaders. Pros in motivation, inspiring their team to get the job done well. To connect with clients to solve their biggest challenges and place coverage. Your time in the military gave you the leadership skills you need to be successful here at RPS.
RPS is looking for people who can deliver under pressure, meet deadlines and hit sales targets with little direction.
You've been trained to communicate with all types of people, from the highest ranking to direct reports. This ability to understand people and connect with them is key to being successful in the professional world — whether dealing with customers, peers or leaders.
Military service is all about working well with a team. Your proven ability to thrive in a team environment gives you an advantage to having a successful career at RPS.

Your Peers Are Here — Join Us

RPS is proud to have many service men and women working here post their military careers. Smart, talented, results-driven. They fit right in. Hear for yourself.

Explore the many opportunities we have for former service men and women.

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Partner in Service Program: Training and Support Every Step of the Way

When you join RPS, we commit to your success. Don't know casualty from contractors? Habitational from hospitality? No problem. RPS will train you in all aspects of the insurance business with our comprehensive Partners in Service program to help you succeed. Our program includes:

  • Working with a seasoned broker or underwriter to learn the business
  • Mentorship with a former military RPS employees and business leaders to help with the transition
  • In-depth training on all aspects the RPS business
  • Guided path towards building, growing and managing your own book of business

Explore Career Opportunities Today at RPS

You've served your country, and RPS would love to have you on our business development team. Explore opportunities today.

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