Expertise that Protects Against the Unknown

From droughts to disease to fires, the manner and scope of exposures the Agriculture industry faces can be both unavoidable and potentially catastrophic. RPS knows the terrain and is able to help you help your clients be ready for whatever happens. From livestock farms, ranches, dairy farms feedlots, or beef farms, we possess experience with all manner of operations and regions. Strategies, service and insight unparalleled in the agriculture E&S space, we provide better coverage and support to help you strengthen your relationship with their risk profile.

Agricultural Knowledge that Delivers Better Coverage

From assessing the risk of growing crops to all aspects of equine, we have cultivated knowledge and strategies keenly focused for the unique risks and needs of the agriculture market industry. To meet your client's needs, our practice is staffed with professionals with in–depth experience in all aspects of agriculture. From E&O experts all the way through claims, we are positioned to help with the entire lifecycle of both livestock and grow crops.

Guidance Throughout the Entire Application Process

Our people know firsthand all aspects of caring for animals as well as growing operations. It gives us uncanny insight into the risks of growers and equine alike. We understand how to help you help your clients find the right carrier and exact coverage for their operation and exposures. By understanding the geographical and biological exposures associated with operations in particular regions, our people will help you navigate through the application process with speed and precision.

Exceptional Knowledge of the Equine Business

From breeders to show horses to working farms, we have the markets and insight to aid you in building comprehensive coverages that keep your clients and their animals secure. We have strong relationships with carriers, so strong we are one of the only brokers able to write coverage. We specialize in Livestock and Equine Mortality Coverages, including:

  • Bulls – bucking, breeding or show
  • Cattle – individual, high valued
  • Dogs – police, service & breeding
  • Horses
  • Feedlot – pasture or dairy cattle (the herd)
  • Poultry and hogs
  • Camelids – alpacas, camels, llamas and guanacos

Meet Our Agriculture Team

Agriculture Summary

  • Knowledge about the full range of agriculture risks
  • Relationships with agriculture-focused underwriters
  • In-depth experience with farming operations
  • Ability to write policies with carrier for equine markets

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