RPS Signature Programs has been the insurer of USA Softball, the national governing body for softball, for over 60 years.

USA Softball offers recreational, league, tournament and National Championship play. It's one of the nation's largest and fastest-growing sports organizations and sanctions competition in every state through a network of state and metro associations.

RPS Signature Programs gives softball teams, players, coaches, umpires, tournaments and clinics the comprehensive softball insurance they need.

USA Softball Insurance Coverages

  • General liability insurance (including participants liability insurance)
  • Accident medical coverage

The USA Softball General Liability Insurance Plan

The USA Softball Insurance General Liability insurance plan provides protection for lawsuits and court judgments that may result from bodily injury and property damage claims. The policy includes Participants Liability insurance, which is one of the most important aspects of Liability coverage for sports organizations.

· Liability per occurrence


· Aggregate per location


· Personal injury/advertising injury


· Products/completed operations per occurrence/aggregate


· Participant liability


· Sexual abuse liability per occurrence


· Sexual abuse liability aggregate


· Damage to premises rented


· Med pay to others (non-participants)


Who Is Covered Under the USA Softball General Liability Policy?

The policy automatically covers USA Softball, USA Softball local associations, registered umpires, USA Softball umpire associations; individually registered players, coaches, teams and leagues; adult registered teams; youth teams that purchase USA Softball Team insurance as well as field owners who are named as additional insured.

The USA Softball Excess Accident Plan

The USA Softball Excess Accident plan covers individually registered players, coaches, teams and leagues; adult and youth teams that purchase USA Softball team insurance; registered umpires.

Policy Limits

· Accident medical

$250,000 per claim

· Accidental death/dismemberment

up to $10,000

· Deductible per claim

Individual registration $500 / Team insurance $1,000 with 90/10 coinsurance

· 52 week benefit period

This policy is written on an Excess basis, which means that the policy is secondary over any other valid and collectible insurance or healthcare plan that you may have. Thus, you need to submit your expenses to your own healthcare plan first, for this policy to consider your claim. If you have no other coverage in force, this policy will pay your claim as primary, subject to the deductible and other policy terms.

The policy only covers medical and dental expenses, which are incurred during the benefit period (within 52 weeks of the date of injury).

Tournament and Clinic Insurance Information

Tournaments and clinics must be USA Softball approved or USA Softball sanctioned by your local USA Softball Commissioner to be eligible for this insurance program.

Coverage can be purchased at RPS Bollinger Sports & Leisure.

You can purchase the General Liability and Accident Insurance either separately or as a package.

Coverage automatically extends to make-up dates caused by weather, but no refunds are allowed for this program.

How the USA Softball Program Can Help Your Clients

RPS Signature Programs' team of industry experts can take on the most complex client needs with our exclusive programs offering specialized coverage for niche risks, including the unique exposures of USA Softball.

Meet Our USA Softball Insurance Team

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