RPS Signature Programs' GuardianComp, Inc. is an alternative to traditional workers' compensation insurance for not-for-profit nursing and continuing care retirement communities in the state of California.

With the unique workers' compensation needs of the nursing and continuing care industry in mind, RPS Signature Programs develops customized safety programs, controls the claims process, reduces costs and handles the day-to-day management of the program.

GuardianComp, Inc. succeeds because the covered employers have a long-term interest in preventing and controlling injuries. Each member plays two roles: a participant in the plan and a participant in the plan's governance. Members make contributions, which fund losses and program expenses. After claims are closed and expenses paid, the surplus funds (including investment income) are returned to the members.

GuardianComp, Inc., Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverages

  • Workers' compensation insurance (California)

GuardianComp, Inc., Workers' Compensation Insurance Limits

  • Statutory

Workers' Compensation Designed for the Nursing & Continuing Care Industry

  • Not-for-profit nursing homes and continuing care facilities in California

How the GuardianComp, Inc. Workers' Compensation Program Can Help Your Clients

RPS Signature Programs' team of industry experts can take on the most complex client needs with our exclusive programs offering specialized coverage for niche risks, with the GuardianComp, Inc. workers' compensation insurance program addressing the complex needs of California-based not-for-profit nursing and continuing care retirement communities.

Meet Our GuardianComp Worker's Compensation Insurance Team

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