Expertise That Reduces Exposures and Closes Gaps

RPS provides unparalleled expertise in the oil, gas and pipeline construction insurance space.  We understand the drilling process and managing the risk that comes with having multiple contractors working on the same site including worker's comps and casualty exposure. As insurance specialists and environmental scientists, we bring an uncommon focus and intelligence to solving the hardest risk placement challenges. We work with energy and environmental underwriters every day to keep abreast of pricing and coverage trends. Giving you access to the best coverage options for your clients.

The Placement Power of Depth and Experience

Because we understand the comprehensive supply and operations process, we are able to efficiently help you place accounts with the right carrier and for the right amount. Our experience with the industry goes deep. We have worked at carriers, we are staffed with PhDs as well as insurance professionals and thought leaders. Because of our background, we are trusted partners with underwriters at leading carriers based on long-term relationships and knowledge. This provides us insight into the nuances of contracts that we then leverage on your client's behalf.

Ready to Meet Emerging Risks

As costs to transport oil and gas continue to rise, it is going to cost more to transport oil and gas from the extraction and production facilities to refineries and to the local gas station. Our ability to understand how global trends affect regional business means better coverage and more affordable options for your customer. RPS knows the possible risks and exposures associated with the energy and environmental market both at a regional and national level.

Comprehensive Consulting Approach

This approach aids us in preventing work stops and other potential disruptions. Our experience and ability to solve for holistic operational risk challenges, gives us insight that translates into smoother renewals. And because of our underwriting expertise, we can match coverages to master services agreements for less exposures and potential for project interruptions.

Meet Our Energy Insurance Team

Energy Insurance and Risk Management Summary

  • Expertise within the oil and gas sector
  • Proven experience working with underwriters
  • Understanding of placement challenge from operational side
  • Access to consulting for reduced exposures and workman's comps claims

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