Professional liability and general liability insurance designed by underwriters who understand the unique insurance needs of allied healthcare professionals and their facilities.

Allied Healthcare Insurance Coverage

  • Professional liability claims
    • Unlimited extended reporting coverage for claims-made insureds
    • Extended reporting coverage for death, disability and retirement
    • Incident trigger
  • General liability
    • Occurrence or claims-made coverage
    • Sexual abuse, employee benefits liability, HNOA
  • Deductibles starting at $2,500
  • Limits available up to $2M per patient incident or occurrence
  • Defense is in addition to the limits of liability
  • Filed and admitted nationwide

Allied Healthcare Insurance Claim Scenarios

Claim Scenario 1

A physical therapy facility was the insured. The Claimant was a college student who came in for rehab after an ACL tear. The allegations were that the therapy, exercises and manipulation caused additional injuries to the claimant's knee and required him to undergo further treatment and a longer recovery period. The matter settled pre-suit for $23,500 and $5,000 in defense expenses.

Claim Scenario 2

The insured was a massage parlor. One of its employees was alleged to have inappropriately touched and sexually assaulted a client. It was alleged that the massage parlor did not properly run a background check on the employee and that they should have discovered prior complaints at other facilities. The claimant alleged that she suffered mental anguish and had significantly altered the way in which she lived her life. We agreed to a settlement right before trial, made a loss payment of $118,000, and paid $97,838.15 in defense expenses.

Claim Scenario 3

Our insured was a nurse anesthetist. The claimant alleged that the insured administered a dosage of Phenergan with a needle outside of the muscle during a surgical procedure. Plaintiff claimed a permanent injury to her radial nerve, which included tissue damage and loss of sensation in her arm/hand. During the discovery phase of the case, it became clear that plaintiff's theory of the injury was the most plausible for her injuries and our experts could not support the care given by the insured. We resolved the matter at the close of discovery for a loss payment of $350,000 and $81,802 in defense expenses.

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