Exclusive Expertise with the Balloon Industry

We have more than 25 years of extensive experience with the Balloon industry. From special events to single owner operator operations to working with waivers, we know all possible risks and have the solutions to keep your client’s business protected. Hot air balloon coverage options include:

  • Airport operations area balloon accessory coverage ($2,500 accessories - no charge)
  • Balloon premises liability
  • Medical expense coverage - extended limits up to $25,000 available
  • Passenger & crew liability coverage - extended limits up to $250,000 available
  • Personal & advertising liability
  • Voluntary settlement
  • Worldwide coverage for hull & liability
  • Auto coverage

Access to the Best Markets, Guided by Expertise

Our team understands the hot air balloon industry. We have built relationships with the top carriers and have an unparalleled understanding of all the risks associated with the hot air balloon industry and how to cover them. We help you build comprehensive layers of protection for all aspects of a hot air balloon business.

Coverages Designed for All Aspects of the Balloon Business

We have the ability to offer coverages for balloon enthusiasts and operations of all sizes and scopes, nationwide. From specialty coverages for hot air and gas for both blimps and balloons to all balloon events, we can build bespoke coverage plans that keep your client's business safe and running.

  • Event cancellation coverage
  • Liquor liability
  • Non-owned aircraft liability

Meet Our Hot Air Balloon Team

Hot Air Balloon Insurance Summary

  • Access to top carriers
  • Rapid response for coverage
  • Leading consulting and coverages for the hot air balloon industry

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