RPS's Snow Removal product uses the best markets in the industry to cover all types of snow removal operations, including the clearing of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and public streets and roads. Eligible operations include snow removal with heavy equipment, snow blowers or shovel, as well as trucks with auto coverage in place. 100%-subcontracted operations can also be considered.

Coverage Beyond General Liability

Personal and commercial auto policies do not automatically include general liability insurance for snow plowing activities when performed for income or as an operating business. Maintaining the correct coverage is important due to the nature of the work and the legal environment, as specific coverages could be required by law or by contracts.

Protection from Third-Party Claims

In tandem with other required coverages, General Liability coverage can help protect insureds from third-party claims, such as the insured and/or their employees damaging someone's property or causing physical harm, as well as the financial consequences of a lawsuit (i.e. legal defense, settlements, judgements, medical bills, and court-related fees).

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