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Claims Services Flyer


Whether you have experience with or are new to our programs, our Claims Directors work closely wi...

Contractor Pollution Claims Flyer


Are your contractors protected from a pollution claim? View common contractor pollution claim exa...

Site Pollution Claims Examples Flyer


Is your insured protected from pollution risks? Read more to see some examples of site pollution ...

Public Entity Cyber Claims Flyer


With the rapid advancement of technology, we are seeing more public entities fall victim to a hos...

NetDiligence 2016 Cyber Claims Study


This study provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of claims data reported from insurers...

Construction Industry Cyber Claims Flyer


The construction industry is changing and we are seeing more companies employ technology to manag...

Will D&O Insurance Respond to Sexual Harassment Claims?


As we have discussed in the past, allegations of sexual misconduct have dominated headlines and r...