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The RPS E-Commerce platform is a quick and easy one-stop shop to rate, quote and bind online. RPS understands that retailers are busy people. We designed the E-Commerce platform to wrap up the entire quote process in five minutes or less, improving efficiency for our partners by saving time and steps.

Complete a short and simple application engineered to generate quotes without underwriter review. Instantly download quotes from top rated carriers with multiple limit options and coverage endorsements. Ready to bind? It's as easy as pushing a button; no further underwriter review is required.

Ready to get started? Visit RPSSmallBusiness.com to rate, quote and bind online.

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eCommerce Product Offerings

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Specialized Liability Coverage Built for Artisan Contractors

Artisan contractors, also called tradesmen contractors, are skilled workers that are involved in skilled trade using their hands in making things, ins…

Why Patent Infringement Insurance Is So Important

In the past eight years, more than 20,000 firms – large and small – have faced a patent infringement lawsuit with the cost of litigation high and tim…

Medical Professional Liability Flyer

Industry-leading protection for allied healthcare entities at lower minimum premiums and for a variety of medical classes. Click to learn more.

Medical Professional Liability FAQ

Find answers to our most commonly asked Medical Professional Liability questions. Discover what Medical Professional Liability insurance is, who needs…

Small Business Quick Start Guide

Learn how to quickly quote industry leading offerings online.