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Data is key, RPS Analytics provides constant support in developing an industry recognized format for modeling. Large events like Hurricane Sandy and the U.S. Drought remind us of the inherent uncertainty of natural hazards. As we continue to see more volatile weather and storm patterns, we are reminded of the value that lies in catastrophe risk modeling. Certainly, it is impossible to predict when a catastrophe will strike, but modeling allows us to create a comprehensive risk management and preparedness strategy by bringing light to the possible outcomes of hazard events.

RPS Analytics offers in-house access to two leading modeling firms utilized to analyze commercial properties and industrial facilities for a variety of catastrophic exposures including:

  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane
  • Inland Flood
  • Terrorism
  • Tornado/Hail
  • Wildfire

Providing insights on both the strengths and weaknesses of each account, bolstering information with secondary characteristic data, and scrubbing schedules for quicker import by carriers.

Deliverables include full scale consultation reports for all stakeholders - insured, retailer, and carrier.

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Why Use Analytics

Ask Yourself

  • What am I using right now to make decisions?
  • Am I buying enough coverage in high catastrophe locations?

Benefits of Modeling

  • Catastrophe modeling is used to calibrate coverage
  • Maximizes clients' buying power
  • Make informed decisions
  • Differentiates insured's risks for the negotiation of favorable terms
  • Creates transparency around the sharing of assumptions
  • Implement risk-based allocations

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