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At RPS, we fiercely protect our culture. Without it, we are just another company. As a national, multi-million dollar insurance brokerage and risk management services firm, our employees are fueled by teamwork, creativity, responsiveness and doing the right thing simply because it's the right thing.

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Please feel free to get in touch with us any time regarding our products and services.  We love to receive feedback from our customers.

Internship Program

Our Summer Intern Program dispels some of the existing misconceptions surrounding careers in the insurance industry and attracts new talent to the field every year. We will teach you basic insurance concepts, show you what a broker does and where we fit in the world of insurance. It's an experience that will provide you with a chance to assess a career in insurance, while we evaluate your potential as a future broker.

At RPS, we handle the hardest, unusual and most interesting types of client risks; Fireworks Display Contractors, Sports Stadiums, Hurricane Disaster Prone Large Properties, Emerging Technology Products, Earthquakes, or even the Homes of Celebrities.

Although you may not have heard a lot about what brokers do, this career path offers tremendous growth potential. Ask any successful broker what he or she likes best about their job and you will likely hear a version of this response:  "Freedom to create my own success."

As an intern, you will gain some perspective on what this means. Most of our summer interns find a career as a broker appealing and many become full-time employees after graduation.

Here is just a sample of what an RPS Intern will be exposed to:

  • Accounting 
  • Administration
  • Claims
  • Information Technology 
  • Marketing
  • Information Gathering 
  • Underwriting Services
  • Underwriting Sales (Brokerage & Underwriting)

For more information regarding the Sales Internship Program or to apply online click here

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