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The RPS Signature Programs’ Michigan Food Processor & Distribution Fund was established in 2007.  This program has an average premium return of 46% to its members.


Workers’ compensation for employers domiciled in Michigan with additional coverage available through the Fund’s excess carrier when out of state coverage is needed.


Up to $2,000,000 employers’ liability coverage available.


  • Food processing
  • Food wholesale
  • Milk haulers
  • Food distribution -including pet food.

Participants shall be engaged in food processing, food wholesale and food distribution. Specifically those employers that convert raw food products into consumable items such as bottlers, canners, brewers, homogenizers, and pet food processors. Also eligible are businesses engaged in food warehousing, food wholesale distribution, food related supplies, milk haulers and the packaging of food products.

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Sharon Novasel
Area Vice President
Phone: (517) 664-2733

Dawn Feldpausch
Marketing Representative
Phone: (517) 664-2754

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