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Custom Public Entity Programs for Every One-Of-A-Kind Risk

RPS Signature Programs is uniquely positioned to help Public Entities effectively manage today’s cost of risk and unlock significant long-term savings. We accomplish this with our innovative All Lines Aggregate program that blends risk retention, risk transfer, and customized claims management within one framework.

Our experience in providing municipalities, schools, states, and others with exclusive package facilities with A-rated or better carriers spans more than 40 years. We understand the unique risks Public Entities face – from terrorist threats to civil rights exposures; to employment practices and data breaches; to budget limitations; and the scrutiny of public officials, educators, and executives in a variety of complicated and frequently highly charged situations. We provide the broad coverage, underwriting expertise, and risk management resources needed to address these exposures.

RPS Signature Programs’ in-house underwriting capability will provide you with quick turnaround – critical in writing new accounts and client retention. We also provide an extensive list of pre-approved third-party administrators (TPAs) to facilitate the control and management of claims for your insureds. Each TPA’s flexible, cost-effective products are tailored to satisfy specific client needs. Their prompt, responsive services are aimed at achieving early claims resolution while maximizing savings on expenses and loss payout.



  • All Lines Aggregate package limits available up to $10,000,000
  • Clash coverage for multi-line losses
  • All lines loss fund including Workers' Compensation
  • Client control of the claims process
  • Coverage provided as Insurance or Reinsurance to the client's policy
  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment


Larger public entities that have a self-insured retention of greater than $50,000 or entities that are seeking to go self-insured.​Limits


  • Limits for all casualty lines are available for up to $10,000,000.
  • Higher casualty limits are available from our excess carrier partners.
  • Limits to $1,000,000 with options for excess property.
  • Self-insured workers compensation buffer limits available for up to $250,000 with additional options for statutory excess WC coverage.


Bob Lombard
Area President
Phone: (775) 360-6626

Gary Greene
Area Senior Vice President - Underwriting
Phone: (609) 309-5255

Why RPS Signature Programs

Our team of industry experts can help take on the most complex client needs with our exclusive programs offering specialized coverage for niche risks. RPS Signature Programs brings proven expertise to the Public Entity sector, providing a large variety of placements including Primary, and Excess Liability for accounts of all sizes, whether a first-dollar program or innovative alternative risk placement.

Let's Get in Touch

Please feel free to get in touch with us any time regarding our products and services.  We love to receive feedback from our customers.


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