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Securing competitive Workers' Compensation coverage for a Temporary Staffing firm can be a challenge, and requires that you work with a team of experts dedicated to keeping both their eyes and ears on this specific niche.

RPS is proud to have a team of experts who do just that - Workers' Compensation for the Temporary Staffing Industry. They understand the unique challenges and have dedicated their insurance careers, over 40 years combined, to ensure your clients are properly covered. Our partnerships with the industry's top rated carriers allows us to deliver a wide range of options, customizable to the diverse needs unique to each Temporary Staffing firm.

Coverage Highlights

  • Guaranteed cost
  • Small deductible & large deductible Workers' Compensation policies
  • Tailored offerings, designed specifically for the Temporary Staffing industry
  • Available nationwide
  • Broad class code appetites
  • Competitive payment terms (sometimes with a 0% deposit requirement)
  • Pay-As-You-Go, installments and pay in full plans available
  • We cannot write new ventures or accounts that are in a current PEO relationship (unless credible carrier loss information can be obtained)

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