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OEM Distributors

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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) rely on the OEM Group of Distributors to build their products—and RPS AWU is here to cover them. OEM Distributors supply OEMs with hundreds of thousands of different materials, products and services for five primary purposes:

  1. Finished component products like ball bearings in an automobile
  2. Moving a product on an assembly line with a system of conveyors
  3. Assembly ready components like pre-stamped parts or pre-formed plastic parts
  4. Providing kitting up parts services—packaging parts into prepared individual packs
  5. Electrical components which time the movement of robots and products during assembly

Available coverages include Auto, General Liability, Umbrella, and Commercial Output Policy (COP) with variations such as Blanket Building Contents, Blanket Business Income, Transit, Equipment, Breakdown, Crime, and Product Recall Expense.

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