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RPS offers comprehensive coverage for a variety of Farm & Ranch industry operations including dairy farms, grain farms/crop farms, hobby farms with a farm liability exposure, cattle ranches, equine-related operations, fruit/vegetable/nut farms, Christmas tree farms, and Farm Excess Liability.

Farm & Ranch exposures are inherently unique, and the RPS Farm & Ranch experts can provide coverage solutions nationwide including:

  • Custom Farming – Property & General Liability
  • Farm – Premises Liability Only
  • Feed Lots, Livestock Mortality, Livestock Floaters
  • Feed Mills
  • General Liability – Animal-related & Equine Activities
  • General Liability & Inland Marine
  • Horse Training & Gentleman Farms
  • Livestock Mortality
  • Monoline Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Non-Standard Farm
  • Property and/or General Liability
  • Specialty Professional Liability
  • Workers Compensation

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