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Businesses across every industry sector are vulnerable to cyber risks, as they increasingly collect more valuable and sensitive data, such as company proprietary information, customer names and credit information, employee personal information like social security numbers, and more. But as the risk of cyber incidents increase, many businesses are not taking action to protect their entity with cyber security measures.




Traditional insurance policies have significant gaps in coverage for digital exposures and are often issued with broad exclusions. However, RPS’s Cyber Liability coverage is available in first and third party options. Many policies are flexible and can be tailored to fit customers’ needs.

Available coverages include Privacy Liability, Professional Liability, Network Security Liability, Media/Website Liability, Notification Expense, Regulatory Proceedings, Brand Protection/PR, Business Interruption, Damage to Systems, Electronic Theft and Cyber Extortion.

For businesses, you can obtain Cyber insurance quotes in minutes on the RPS e-Commerce platform by completing a short and simple application. For larger businesses, please contact an RPS professional.






 The Cyber & Privacy Liability experts at RPS are proficient at designing large-scale cyber products for public entities and regional or national business franchises within a broad spectrum of industries, including professional services (legal, IT), public entities (municipalities, counties), medical (hospitals, private practice), education (school districts, colleges, private schools), hospitality (hotels, restaurants), data process controls, high-traffic websites and blogs, and social networking/dating sites.



Contact an RPS expert or log in to get a quote and bind & issue online within minutes.

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