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The California Private Schools Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Group, Inc. (CAPS-SIG) is an alternative to traditional workers’ compensation insurance. Founded in 2004, this turnkey program is a superior long-term coverage solution for your school.

RPS Monument understands the unique workers’ compensation needs of schools, and partners with you to develop customized safety programs, control the claims process, and reduce costs. RPS Monument handles the day-to-day management of CAPS-SIG, thereby reducing the burden on your agency’s Human Resources department.

CAPS-SIG, Inc. succeeds because the covered employers have a long-term interest in preventing and controlling injuries. Each member plays two roles: a participant in the plan and a participant in the plan’s governance. Members make contributions, which fund losses and program expenses. After claims are closed and expenses paid, the surplus funds– including investment income–are returned to the members 

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