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We offer Hot Air Balloon coverage to balloon enthusiasts and operations of all sizes worldwide, building insurance policies for hot air and gas balloons to cover every flight at every event. RPS Balloon partners with the most experienced global aviation insurance partner to create the best coverage and packaging.

Coverage options include:

  • 3rd Party Liability Coverage - extended limits up to $2 million available
  • Passenger & Crew Liability Coverage - extended limits up to $250,000 available
  • Hull Coverage
  • Medical Expense Coverage - extended limits up to $25,000 available
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Personal & Advertising Liability
  • Voluntary Settlement
  • Family Assistance
  • Balloon Premises Liability
  • Airport Operations Area Auto Coverage
  • Balloon Accessory Coverage ($2,500 accessories - no charge)
  • Worldwide Coverage for Hull & Liability

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