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All Lines Aggregate

Products All Lines Aggregate

RPS PSI’s All Lines Aggregate product is the ideal solution for public entities and scholastic risks who are seeking a modern alternative to conventional insurance. This tailor-made package blends risk retention, risk transfer and customized claims management within a framework designed to effectively manage today’s cost of risk by unlocking significant long-term savings.

RPS PSI’s broad coverage options include all Casualty lines, Property, Excess Property, and Workers Compensation.

Coverage highlights include:

  • All Lines Aggregate package limits available up to $10M
  • Clash coverage for multi-line losses
  • All lines loss fund including Workers Compensation
  • Client control of the claims process
  • Coverage provided as Insurance or Reinsurance to the client’s policy
  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

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All Lines Aggregate Flyer

RPS PSI’s All Lines Aggregate program is a contemporary alternative to conventional insurance. It is a tailor-made package that blends risk retention,…


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