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Today’s Workers Compensation insurance market requires the knowledge and relationships that RPS, a leading Managing General Agent/Underwriting Manager and nationally recognized wholesale insurance broker, has built in order to deliver a wide range of options to a broad spectrum of businesses and industries throughout the United States. This includes providing solutions for large corporations and municipalities best addressed by large deductible programs and Excess coverage, and for small and midsize firms whose ideal fit is with guaranteed cost coverage with A-rated carriers. We have the experience and the market relationships to deliver what is needed.

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We represent many top-tier carriers for guaranteed cost Workers Compensation, providing quick quote turnaround and service for our brokers and their insureds. We also have the ability to insure firms with debit and high experience mods, new ventures with no mods, and those with multi-state exposures. Large deductible plans can be written for insureds looking to assume more control over their comp costs and save premium dollars. Here the insured is responsible for reimbursing the carrier for claims up to a certain dollar amount, with the carrier responsible for paying claims in excess of the deductible amount. A large deductible policy protects the employer from catastrophic losses, and can be appealing for firms that experience very low losses and are confident they will continue on that track. Our Excess markets provide cover to meet the needs of companies that self-insure their predictable losses, and are looking to purchase insurance for catastrophic exposures.

The RPS Workers Compensation team can also assist you with helping businesses of all sizes minimize losses and reduce costs through robust safety programs, implementation of Return to Work programs, a review of claims handling and reporting procedures, pinpointing claims trends and evaluating accident history, and more.  We can also provide assistance with reviewing a firm’s current insurance policies, its experience modification worksheet, payroll audits, and loss-sensitive rating adjustments to determine whether improvements can be made and where there have been problems or miscalculations.

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