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The Energy sector encompasses a broad spectrum of industry niches – from oil and gas operators and petrochemical operations to alternative and renewable energy companies at the forefront of the sector’s transformative innovation and breakthrough technologies. RPS, one of the largest MGA/Underwriting Manager/Wholesalers in the country, partners with top-tier providers to provide custom solutions for this high-value, high-risk, and rapidly expanding space. Our depth and scope of knowledge combined with our experience and coast-to-coast network of brokers gives you the power to secure seamless and nimble coverage solutions that address the increasingly complex and interrelated risks in the Energy industry.

Evaluating Exposures, Analyzing Coverages

We will support you and your clients with a full risk assessment of your client operations designed to pinpoint exposures, uncover any gaps that may exist, and evaluate where any improvements can be made not only to their insurance program but also in safety, compliance, and other issues critical to their bottom line. This includes addressing increased environmental risk exposures due to greater regulation and third-party costs, reviewing an operation’s business continuity plan and the effectiveness of its business income coverage in the event of major damage to an insured’s facility or disruption in the supply chain, and reviewing how exposure to utility service interruptions is handled. We’ll also help you assess the level of physical damage exposure that exists due to increased production/ processing volumes, more sophisticated technology, larger scale equipment, and bigger vessels that operate in more extreme environments. Our staff will also look at how technology changes are impacting your client exposures, and the impact of emerging risks such as fracking.

With RPS as your partner, we will assist in improving your insured’s risk profile so that your clients continue to focus on their core competencies.

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Coverage Solutions for the Energy Sector

We provide specialized insurance products and packages to manage the complexity of risk in the Energy sector, learn how we can help you.

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