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U.S. Agribusiness is made up of the entire realm of farm-related businesses – from the individual farmer to a multinational maker of farm chemicals. The sector accounts for some 3.75 million jobs — not only in the fields, but also in factories, laboratories and distribution, with net farm income totaling $108 billion in 2014, according to figures from the USDA.

As the world’s largest and most efficient supplier of agro-food products, the U.S. industry faces fierce competition from an ever-increasing number of world breadbaskets. It also faces a complex regulatory and safety environment, greater liability and litigation, technology advances, and increased consumer demand – all putting pressure on businesses operating in an already highly competitive market. Having the right insurance program in place to address the exposures the Agribusiness encounters is critical to its sustainability and growth.

With RPS, a leading Managing General Agent/Underwriting Manager and nationally dedicated wholesale insurance broker, you have access to coverage solutions to assist your Farm & Agribusiness clients in transferring and mitigating their risk while they remain focused on competing in the market. We will not only help you procure the right coverages but will also assist you in providing clarity in the complex world of insurances.

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