The Cyber insurance market has seen rapid growth in recent years, but during that time, the cycle between hard and soft markets has been quick and volatile — much more compressed than the slowly evolving cycles experienced across other insurance lines.

This volatility makes it a difficult market for agents to operate in — a fast-moving threat landscape, ever-changing client needs, and constantly rising and falling premiums make expert advice a must.

The 2024 US Cyber Outlook Report from RPS discusses how a worsening claims landscape, coupled with a year-plus of softening rates, could set the stage for a relatively short-lived soft market.

Learn key insights from the 2024 US Cyber Market Outlook:

  • Key factors affecting the segment, such as the unpredictable perils facing the cyber industry
  • A look into cyber claims, in relation to matter type and industry
  • What to expect in 2024 and what agents need to know before you approach renewal season

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