The healthcare liability insurance market is facing an unsettled future, with a challenging economic landscape, rising costs and diverging carrier business strategies increasing the uncertainty in the marketplace.

Social inflation remains an issue for insurers, but the rise of economic uncertainty — both in the US and abroad — means that a new pressure has emerged as the leading issue for many insurers in the market.

RPS Area President James McNitt argues that economic inflation — which is already greatly increasing the pressure on insurer profitability — should now be the greatest concern for carriers in this space.

The 2023 US Healthcare Market Outlook examines the current state of this sector, provides insights on how to help clients navigate this situation to ensure smooth renewals for the remainder of the year and explores what to expect in 2023 and beyond.

Key insights in the 2023 US Healthcare Market Outlook include:

  • A deep dive into various sub-segments, including hospitals, physicians, long-term care facilities and allied healthcare facilities
  • Cost challenges facing the healthcare industry
  • Considerations for agents as they prepare for upcoming renewals

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