The playing fields and courts look a lot different in 2022 from the previous two years, with players back at bat, at the net, on the pitch, in the sand and on the greens. Amateur teams, leagues and associations — as well as sports facilities and camps across the country — are back to operating as they did pre-pandemic. RPS is helping sports clients through post-COVID changes in the sports insurance market.

Back at It, But Not Without Challenges

"Everyone is now playing through COVID," says A.J. Morgan, area president — Sports, Branch Management for Risk Placement Services (RPS). "Activity is back to normal."

That's welcome news for the sports world. There are still challenges, however, including in the insurance space.

"The sports insurance market in general is undergoing changes as a result of losses and underwriting unprofitability, with agents and brokers having a difficult time finding a home for some of their risks," notes Morgan.

"Some carriers are no longer insuring amateur sports, while others have scaled back their appetite and coverage offering."

The RPS Playbook Is a Win for Agents and their Clients

On the bright side, the RPS Amateur Sports program is healthy and continues to provide robust coverage for teams, leagues, associations, indoor sports facilities, camps, tournaments and events. RPS's focused underwriting approach combined with its specific appetite and risk selection have allowed the wholesaler to continue to offer its program, including coverages where others have either implemented sub-limits or no longer provide coverage at all.

"Our program is strong, as we've stayed the course in only writing risks that fit our specific wheelhouse," says Morgan.

"We have protected the program in its size and scope and haven't written risks that have resulted in tremendous losses for the industry. We work with one admitted carrier that is as committed to the strength of the program as we are."

The RPS Amateur Sports program includes general liability, abuse/molestation liability, excess liability, property, commercial auto, crime, equipment and secondary accident insurance.

"For those risks that fit our program, we are a great source for affordable, great coverage and can help agents with their local opportunities. If a risk doesn't fit our program, we can help direct agents and brokers to other alternatives."

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