Over the past few years, insurance companies in the excess and surplus (E&S) commercial property insurance market have been on a self-improvement regime. Companies have remodeled their portfolios by shedding unattractive risks, raising premium rates, lowering coverage limits and adjusting policy terms. On the surface, this hard work appears to have paid off. Many see the overall commercial property market stabilizing in 2022, but not without some challenged pockets.

How can you help clients navigate these issues and ensure smooth renewals for the year ahead?

Learn key insights from the 2022 U.S. Property Market Outlook, including:

  • The myriad challenges facing the commercial property insurance market, such as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, impact of the major catastrophic weather events, late reporting of claims, underreporting of property values and limited capacity.
  • Relative impact across key niche industries, such as hospitality, habitational real estate, schools, and public entities and industrial processing.
  • Key considerations for agents as they prepare for their renewals in 2022.

Download the full 2022 U.S. Property Market Outlook to learn more.

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