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Specialized Liability Coverage Built for Artisan Contractors

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Artisan contractors, also called tradesmen contractors, are skilled workers that are involved in skilled trade using their hands in making things, installing things, repairing things and maintaining things with the help of tools, equipment or machinery. They include many occupations – from electricians, plumbers and HVAC specialists, to landscapers, tree pruners, carpenters, painters, masons, excavators and many others. These contractors are valued for their precision of work with their unique skills and services in constant demand by commercial and residential clients. As such, they have special insurance needs, including General Liability coverage.

Our General Liability insurance for artisans protects against losses as a result of bodily injury and property damage (including products and completed work hazards), premises medical payments, fire legal liability, personal injury liability and advertising injury liability. The policy is available for commercial contractors, new residential construction and residential remodelers, including subcontracted work.

Key coverages in our General Liability form includes an artisan contractor endorsement, additional insured, waiver of transfer of rights of recovery against others to us, and automatic status when required in contract or agreement (including completed operations).  A construction project general aggregate limit when required by contract and maximum per policy general aggregate limit is available for any medium or larger contractors. For select classes of business, including for lawn care specialists, Herbicide or Pesticide coverage is available – this is particularly salient as not every policy offers this coverage. Overspray coverage for painters is also available.

Our sweet spot is small to midsize contractors – one- to two-person operations; we write risks under $10 million in sales, new ventures and accounts that don’t qualify for the standard market.

You can obtain a quote, bind, issue and pay for a policy easily through the platform. Target classes include: concrete, drywall installation, electrical, excavation, floor covering installation, grading of land, HVAC system installation, interior carpentry, landscaping, masonry, painting (interior and exterior), plumbing (commercial and industrial), remodeling, street and road construction and tree pruning.

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