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Knowledge Center Items RPS Navigator - Winter 2019

RPS Navigator - Winter 2019

Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2019 with a brand-new issue of the RPS Navigator newsletter, looking at the intricacies of sports risks, the brave new world of telemedicine, the latest on an ever-shifting commercial market, and more.

  • Don't Get Hurt Writing Sports Risks by Lori Windolf Crispo
  • Telemedicine: Real Risks and Solutions for Healthcare Practitioners by Diane Burrows
  • Contractors Pollution Liability: What It Is & Why You Need It by Sarah Wirtz,  & Samantha D' Amico, 
  • Keeping Commercial Clients as the Market Shifts and Drifts by Chris Crawford
  • Tips & Tricks from a Client Relations Manager by Kelly Lennon
  • State of the Property Market: 4th Quarter 2018 by James Rozzi, CPCU, ASLI

Click here to read the Winter 2019 edition.

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