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Rising Risk in Public Entity

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Updated: August 2020

Public entities today face far greater risks than ever before.

From internet hackers trying to steal sensitive government data to mass shootings and contaminated water supplies, the threats facing public entities are intensifying, driving the need for enhanced insurance protection.

Litigation against municipalities is on the rise in many areas, ranging from highly publicized allegations of civil rights violations by police to property damage claims blamed on deteriorating infrastructures and the use of drones.

And, today, COVID-19 has caused disruption to governmental operations, schools and communities across the U.S.

The scenario continues to evolve; in the meantime, local governments, water districts and special municipalities will have questions as to what effects trigger an insurance cover.

Download the “Rising Risk In Public Entity” to read more about current exposures for your public entity clients.

RPS offers access to a specialized insurance program for public entities.

A comprehensive insurance program for public entities, including municipalities, water districts and special governmental authorities, should be designed with four key objectives: savings, security, stability and control.

RPS has partnered with a top-rated carrier to create a comprehensive solution providing traditional all-risks property/casualty coverage augmented with additional protection for:

  • Commercial auto liability and property damage
  • Law enforcement liability
  • Public officials’ liability
  • Employment practices and management liability
  • Professional healthcare liability
  • Crime
  • Inland marine
  • Equipment breakdown

The program also can be supplemented with additional coverage for cyber liability, crisis management, active shooter liability, special events and workers’ compensation.

Connect with our Public Entity Program team to learn about our Public Entity insurance program for municipalities, water districts and special purpose districts. Or contact Bob Lombard, Program Manager, directly at 775-360-6626, email: for more information.

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