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How Student Accident Insurance Works…and Why Your School Needs It

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Accident (noun): an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss

No one likes an accident. They can be catastrophic on many fronts, including financially, so protection is a must. When a school district provides accident insurance to its athletes and all its students, it can help mitigate the potential for future lawsuits.

“The school district is showing its good will in stepping up and contributing to the payment of medical expenses involved in a student’s accident,” says Laura Kajor, RPS Area Vice President. She sheds light on how this coverage works.

Tailored Student Accident Coverage Options

“Depending on the school district’s needs and budgetary parameters, our student accident program can be tailored to provide medical expense coverage only for athletes playing in interscholastic sports to covering all students for all school-supervised activities and everything in between,” says Kajor.

A school district may opt to cover students hurt while participating in non-sports extracurricular activities, during gym classes and recess, while on field trips, etc.

RPS Signature Programs’ Student Accident program provides secondary coverage for students who are insured with another policy.

“For example, if a student is insured under his or her family’s health plan, our policy will step in and pay the coinsurance or high deductible on the plan. If there is no other insurance, our policy serves as the primary source for coverage,” explains Kajor. 

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In addition, RPS Signature Programs’ Student Accident program is the primary policy for those insured with Medicaid or any other government-sponsored insurance plan (such as the military HUSKY plan).

How the College Program Works

Depending on the type of college, there are different plans available. NCAA colleges are provided with catastrophic coverage from the organization that includes a $90,000 deductible, and the RPS Signature Programs plan will cover this deductible. Non-NCAA colleges typically have plans with a $25,000 deductible, also covered.

RPS Signature Programs typically provides limits of $10,000 or $25,000 in coverage for non-sports-related injuries for colleges.

How the Pre-K-12 Program Works

The program for Pre-K-12 provides limits of up to $5 million per person, per injury.

“The plans can be written in many ways with deductibles and coinsurance options and sub-limits that can be added for benefits such as hospital miscellaneous expenses, outpatient visits, physical therapy, and so on,” notes Kajor.

The COVID Effect on Student Accident Insurance

When discussing how RPS Signature Programs’ Student Accident program fared in the wake of the pandemic and lockdowns, Kajor explains that most of the school districts maintained their coverage for the 2020-2021 school year. RPS Signature Programs’ various carrier partners provided credits or discounts for reduced exposure while others have adopted a less conservative underwriting approach for upcoming renewals.

“We anticipate a more ‘normal’ school year with the anticipated number of COVID cases going down, the rollout of the vaccine nationwide, and schools looking to open up and get kids back into the classroom and on the field. We expect to see school districts for the upcoming season to continue to maintain their coverage as they have been.”


About the RPS Student Accident Program

RPS Signature Programs’ Pre-K-12 Student and Athletic Accident Insurance Program and the College Student Accident and Intercollegiate Sports Program are among our hallmark programs, dating back to 1946 with Bollinger Specialty Group. The Student and Athletic Accident Insurance Program began in New Jersey and quickly expanded to provide coverage solutions to school districts throughout the country and over the years has covered more than 40 million students.

In addition to its longevity in the market, our Student Accident program is known for its experienced staff, innovative coverage design, in-house claims handling and expertise, and multiple top-tier carrier partners.

You can learn more about the RPS Signature Programs Student Accident Program here.

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