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By Your Side in the Air…and on the Ground

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard, and the ballooning industry is no exception, with operations grounded until restrictions are lifted and it’s deemed safe to resume activities.

While the status of business reopenings and the resumption of sporting activities and events are “up in the air,” RPS Balloon wants to reinforce its commitment to our clients in helping them get through this challenging and unusual time. As an integral part of the ballooning community, we are dedicated to its continued success.


How We Can Help You

“With events cancelled throughout the country in May and June and no one currently flying, we have been working with clients to help lower their operational expenses where we can by easing the burden of insurance premium costs,” explained Kathy Gallagher-Burton, Broker/Underwriter, RPS Balloon. “Depending on the client, this can mean suspending premiums for Third-Party and Passenger & Crew Liability insurance coverages as a result of the lack of flying and reduced exposures.”

In addition, RPS Balloon is actively working with clients on their renewals well ahead of time to ensure that critical coverages are maintained while operations are at a standstill—and at the same time, to determine which coverages can be suspended to reflect the updated risk profile. 

“The hope is that in some areas balloonists will once again take to the skies in July, even with certain restrictions like social distancing in place, depending where the operation is located,” said Gallagher-Burton. “We encourage clients to contact us to discuss how we can help in navigating this unprecedented situation.”

RPS Balloon has more than 30 years of experience providing insurance coverage solutions to the hot air and gas balloon community, with more than 2,500 insureds. Our solutions include, among other coverages, Third-Party Liability and Passenger & Crew Liability coverage, Hull coverage for property damage to the balloon and basket, Medical Expenses, Balloon Premises Liability, and Host Liquor Liability.

If you haven’t already heard from us, please reach out to Gallagher-Burton at 952.646.6769 to discuss your insurance program and how we can help your business.

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