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A Message from Joel Cavaness

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A Message from Joel Cavaness to our Valued Clients and Partners:

At RPS, our promise is to help you come through for your clients.

So when it comes to managing our own business continuity and emergency preparedness, we are focused on doing what it takes to be there for you when you need us. Because, your clients are counting on you to come through for them.

In the weeks ahead, we know that you will need your partners at RPS to support you, your business, and your clients – and we will be there

Our employees across the country and abroad are prepared to work remotely, should it be needed, and our crisis management teams are monitoring COVID-19 (Coronavirus) developments to mitigate any potential business interruption.

As with many organizations, we are limiting non-essential travel in accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines. This is to protect not only our employees, but also our clients and partners.

While the way in which we support you through virtual meeting tools may look different, our promise remains. We are here for you, as always, to help you seamlessly come through for your clients.


Thank you for trusting us with your business.

Please reach out to your local RPS team with any questions, and we look forward to serving you safely as we all work through this unprecedented situation.



Joel Cavaness


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