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Religious Institutions are faced with diverse challenges based on the myriad of services they provide that go well beyond pastoral counseling. These houses of worship are a beacon for communities throughout the country and provide everything from spiritual guidance and support to day care, sporting activities, schools, and camps, requiring the expertise and experience of a partner that can deliver the best solutions for each client’s insurance needs. That partner is RPS, a leading Managing General Agent/Underwriting Manager and nationally focused wholesale insurance broker.

RPS houses professional staff exclusively dedicated to providing strategic solutions for our brokers with Religious and Non-Profit organization clients. We offer unmatched product solutions and services, including customized programs, to help insureds deftly mitigate and transfer their risks. Our staff will perform an end-to-end coverage analysis, pinpointing vulnerabilities and any deficiencies to minimize losses and close coverage gaps so that in event of an accident or loss, your client’s insurance program is ready to respond.

We will assist you, for example, in evaluating your insured’s Property coverage to properly insure for fine art and religious articles; E&O insurance to include Tail and Prior Acts coverage for clergy and others while carrying out their duties; and the organization’s Sexual Misconduct limits, particularly for non-profits serving children, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations. Moreover, our assistance is available throughout the policy term, helping to ensure that coverage always stays in step with any risk profile changes that may arise.

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