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Today’s Educational Institutions face various types and levels of complex risks – from data breaches and fraud, to campus security and bullying and harassment, to sexual misconduct, and state and federal regulatory compliance and asset management. Cyber incidents at academic institutions like Harvard, Purdue, University of Maryland, and others underscore the growing vulnerabilities of schools to data compromises. The recent tragedies at Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook highlight the gravity of securing the health and safety of students and the increased exposure schools face. In addition, property damage, reputational harm, educator’s legal liability, and other exposures add to the mix of risk schools throughout the country must smartly address.

RPS, a Managing General Agent/Underwriting Manager and nationally focused wholesale insurance broker, provides key insurance solutions to respond to the numerous risks involved in running an Educational Institution. Our national team of industry experts can help you meet the complex needs and challenges of these schools that may affect their future with our programs. In our Higher Education niche, we also provide risk management services, assessing the strategic, operational, financial, and hazard exposures of colleges and universities to help stem losses and contain costs.

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