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Pay Online

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This service is ONLY available to retail agents contracted with Risk Placement Services doing business with RPS Healthcare.

RPS provides the option to pay your monthly statement or individual policies On-Line by E-Check Payment. 

The "Make Payment" link, shown below, links a web site that is hosted by Harris Bank through a Secure Socket Link (SSL) and specifically designed for Risk Placement Services.

Things To Know Before Entering The E-Check Web Site:

The following information will be needed:

1.Your Retail Broker ID:This ID begins with "AGT" or "A00" and is shown on your monthly statement as well as every Risk Placement Services invoice. For correct cash application, input the full ID, including the "AGT" or "A00".

2. Your Check Information:Select a real check from the bank account that is used to pay your account with Risk Placement Services. The Online Payment will reflect information from this real check.

3. Your Remittance Advice:You may enter a general description such as, "June 2011 Statement Total", or you may use optional fields that would identify specific policies that are being paid.

The online payments form cannot accept any special characters. Please use standard letters and numbers when entering in your agency name, payment description, etc.

***NOTE: If you wish to provide more detail than is available on the web site, we ask that you send an E-Mail with your remittance after completing the E-Check transaction.

Privacy Policy

Information provided will be used to create an Online Payment and to provide payment information to RPS . Information provided will not be used for any other reason, or used in any manner or activity that is not consistent with these goals. Information provided will not be shared or retained for any unrelated purpose.