Pay Online

Pay Online

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  • To renew a Homeowners or Mobile Homeowners policy click here
  • To make a monthly payment on a financed Homeowners or Mobile Homeowners policy click here
  • To pay your monthly statement or individual policies online by e-check payment or credit card, continue as directed below.

Helpful Hints

  • You will need your broker ID number. It is shown on your monthly statement and on all invoices. To be sure your transaction is posted correctly, please input the entire number.
  • You will need a real check from the checking account that is used to pay your account with RPS. Your online payment will reflect the information from that check.
  • For your remittance advice, please enter a general description such as “May, 2016, statement total”. If you are not paying the entire statement, please indicate the policy numbers you are paying for.
  • For credit card payments, you will be asked to enter the billing address associated with that credit card. If the billing address does not match, the card will be rejected.
  • Only use standard letters and numbers when completing the online form. Special keyboard characters such as “@ # $ % ^ * ( ) & +” cannot be used.
  • If you wish to provide more detail than the form allows, please send an e-mail to after you have completed the E-check transaction.

Privacy Policy

  • Information provided will be used to create an Online Payment and to provide payment information to RPS. Information provided will not be used for any other reason, or used in any manner or activity that is not consistent with these goals. Information provided will not be shared or retained for any unrelated purpose.