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What Happens When You Decide You Want an Insurance Career?

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February is Insurance Careers Month, sponsored by the Insurance Careers Movement. During this month, many different talent-related events will be taking place to inspire a new generation to choose insurance as a career. RPS is committed to promoting the insurance industry as an exciting career opportunity through our summer Internship Program. This month, as a nod to Insurance Careers Month, we are featuring some of our talent and their success with RPS and the industry.

There’s a good chance you might consider the word “decide” a little strong to describe how you got here. Words like accident, fluke, mishap and possibly even calamity might feel more appropriate. Because it’s likely you never wanted to spend one day in the insurance industry let alone your entire career. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in it your whole life or currently standing on the ledge about to jump in.

It’s not your fault, it’s a career option that on the surface is incapable of eliciting rabid excitement or creating a lifelong calling. I’ve talked to enough people across the industry to know that most of them found it by accident, or were born into it. When you put it that way it sounds like a slightly concerning mix of government agency recruitment and a Game of Thrones episode.

Either way, we’re all here and for the most have found it hard to leave.

The Secret Behind Staying in Insurance

The crazy part about the whole thing is, it’s hard to see the opportunity and purpose until you’re on the inside. That’s what turns most people’s first job into an unexpected career.

My story is no different, as I was born into the business. However, that didn’t stop me from trying my best to avoid it. It wasn’t until I completed a few post-college years of failed creative endeavors that I realized insurance couldn’t be much worse. That’s when I decided to join the family business as a health insurance agent.

Initially, that opportunity and purpose was a little slow presenting itself. Another fun fact about insurance is that it also comes with a steep learning curve. Every policy feels touch and go until your second or third year. After that you settle in and realize, that’s what the E&O coverage is for…

I’m kidding, that’s terrible and not how you should think at all. But seriously, that is what it’s for…

If you can make it to that point then you’ll have been around long enough to see some unfortunate things happen to good people. If you did your job right, that’s when you get to see the impact you had helping them make the best of those situations.

That’s the hook.

The Other Secret Behind Staying in Insurance  

There is another aspect besides the warm and fuzzy protection you provide clients with that tends to make it easy for people to stick around. Those two magic words are “renewal commissions.”

Honestly, we should lead with this more and I thought it would have been common knowledge by now. But, there’s nothing like knowing the majority of the work you did this year will be there next year.

It’s definitely not talked about enough but is certainly a unique advantage over most industries.

Making Insurance a Relationship Business (at Scale)

You don’t have to get that close to insurance to overhear someone say “it’s built on relationships.” That’s certainly a very true statement. It also could be another secret that keeps people in it. More than that, you realize your network of clients and colleagues has unknowingly created an overwhelming community you can’t live without. That’s because, for whatever reason, there’s a lot of good people in this industry.

This is where my experience was a little different than most of my agent friends at the time. A lesson I learned from one of my failed creative endeavors is that I had the ability to reach people far beyond the lines of my hometown area. That’s when I decided to talk about insurance on the internet. I wrote blog articles and made YouTube videos.

It took a while, but after a couple of years of hard work the phone started to ring. People from all over my home state of Ohio and eventually the entire country were calling to say thank you. They wanted to say thank you for all the help I provided them, even though this was the first time we ever spoke.

That’s when things really got fun.

Helping Insurance Agents Scale Their Relationships

All this stuff started taking off around 10 years ago, you might be surprised, but very few agents were participating in these new prospecting practices at the time. As a result, these blog posts, ebooks, and video courses started to get some attention inside the industry.

As a result, other agents started asking questions, a lot of questions. In my spare time, I started an insurance podcast and worked with a handful of other agents who were trying to push the industry forward. 

That’s when I found myself becoming a part of places like Agency Intelligence and Agency Nation. With insurance constantly struggling to increase its adoption speed, it was exciting to be in the center of where it was all starting.

Helping Agents Change Insurance

The last decade of pushing the industry and trying to do things differently is what led me to RPS. The technology they have built and are continuing to build to help agents create that change across the industry was exciting.

It was making insurance simple in a way that we had only hoped would be a reality just 10 years ago. While it’s only been a handful of months since I’ve started this new challenge in my insurance career, the possibilities are as exciting as ever.  

The Bottom Line

It’s been a blast getting to see the industry from so many angles. It’s also been an invaluable experience to hear so many different stories from every corner of the industry. The real crazy part is, I’ve only experienced a fraction of what the industry has to offer.

Maybe that’s why even though we didn’t “decide” to be here we don’t decide to leave.

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