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RPS Navigator - Summer 2019

Summer is heating up, so grab a cool beverage and kick back with a fresh new issue of the RPS Navigator. This quarter we’ve got in-depth looks at the Transportation, Umbrella/Excess, and Property markets; a look at the hidden dangers of golf carts; and much more. 

 In this issue...

  • Golf Cart Claims: Don’t Let a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Spoil Your Summer Fun: Seemingly harmless, golf carts aren’t all fun and games. RPS Bollinger Sports & Leisure’s Lori Windolf Crispo tells us why.
  • Keep on Truckin’: An Update on the Commercial Auto Market: A look at today’s challenging Commercial Auto market from RPS VP of National Transportation Jimmy Proffitt.
  • Construction in Midstream Oil & Gas: Why is the midstream industry lagging so far behind production output? RPS’s Zach Burdine takes a deep dive.
  • State of the Umbrella and Excess Marketplace: From less capacity to tightened underwriting guidelines, the Umbrella and Excess arena has dramatically shifted in recent years, says RPS’s Adam J. Mazan.
  • State of the Property Market: 2nd Quarter 2019: An analysis of the property market at mid-year by RPS Area Executive Vice President James Rozzi.
  • Branch Spotlight: RPS Wall Street: RPS’s Steve Levin profiles the RPS Wall Street office, a burgeoning location housing both small business and NY construction units.
  • Upcoming Events: A rundown of events the RPS team is attending in the coming months.

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