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Managing Workers’ Comp Risk for White-Collar Professionals

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When most individuals think of Workers’ Compensation insurance, they think of high-hazard industries such as construction, transportation, manufacturing and agriculture. This is where safety prevention typically is underscored to prevent serious and fatal injuries. But white-collar professional jobs also have their share of risks that could lead to serious injuries.

There are a number of ways an employee can be injured in an office setting – from something as simple as a slip and fall at the office to the development of a repetitive stress injury such as thoracic outlet syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, overexertion and bodily reaction, which results in repetitive stress injuries, and slips, trips and falls top the leading causes of worker injuries. Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that white-collar professionals face the greatest risk of injury from slips and falls at the workplace due to loose flooring, electrical wiring, improperly placed objects, using chairs and stools for reaching shelves at a height, wet floors, and poor lighting in office spaces.

In addition, according to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), white-collar professionals like real estate agents, stockbrokers, medical professionals, and IT professionals often become victims of stress-induced chronic diseases and injuries. Also, physical inactivity, particularly increased sitting, is linked to increases in cardiovascular disease, obesity and overall mortality.

Other injuries or illnesses that can occur among white-collar workers can be as a result of indoor air-quality problems, the negative impact of too much noise, electrical hazards, insufficient lighting or lighting that is too harsh, as well as acts of violence in the workplace.

Risk management and safety for white-collar professionals should be emphasized. This can include conducting ergonomic evaluations to assess workstations and make corrections for a better fit, encouraging physical activity during the workday, and implementing low-cost strategies to reduce sitting, such as promoting standing meetings and providing alternative workstations to decrease overall sedentary behavior, in addition to procedures to prevent slips and falls and other common exposures.

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